1979 Iowa Travel Trailer License Plate


SKU: 1979 IA Trailer Var

A classic 1979 Iowa Travel Trailer license plate which is in new old stock near mint condition. The color of these '79 DMV IA trailer tags is a bright reflective green with white letters, at the top is the state name, Iowa and the date of 79. At the bottom is printed travel trailer. We have more than one of these classic 1979 Iowa trailer license plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store, so the one in the picture might not be the one you receive, but all these IA trailer tags will be in the same NOS unused near mint condition.

A list of automobile producers for the year 1979 and cars manufactured is as follows:

Chevrolet - 2, 284,749, Ford 1,835,937. Oldsmobile - 1,068,154, Pontiac - 907,434, Buick - 727,275, Buick - 727,275, Mercury - 669,138, Dodge - 404,266, Cadillac - 383,138, Plymouth - 372,449, Chrysler - 349,450, Lincoln - 189,546, AMC - 169,439, Excalibur - 367 and at the bottom of the vehicle production figures was the company Avanti II which produced only 142 cars.

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