1978 Oklahoma License Plate



A classic NOS 1978 Oklahoma passenger automobile license plate, this classic 78 OK DMV car tag is white with red letters with OKLAHOMA IS OK at the top along with the date of 78. The Oklahoma DMV only issued a single rear tag during the year of 1978. If you wish to use this plate for year of manufacture on your classic 1978 auto you will first need to contact the DMV to see if they allow the use of license plates for YOM purposes on antique cars. We have several different 1978 OK car tags available for sale at Brandywine General Store and in different grades, we have included a generic picture of each condition class from one of the plates we currently have in stock.

Some year of manufacture auto news for the year 1978 is as follows:

Some of the new car models introduced for the year were Honda Prelude, Dodge Magnum, Ford Fairmont, Maxda RX-7, Saab 900, Toyota Tercel, Mitsubishi Mighty Max and Mirage, Subaru Brat and the Citroen Visa and Acadiane. For the wealthier people looking to buy a luxury automobile they had the option of a new Porsche 928 or BMW M1.

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