1978 Kentucky Motorcycle License Plate


SKU: 1978 KY MC DMV Various

A 1978 Kentucky motorcycle license plate for sale by Brandywine General Store. The '78 DMV KY bike tag is white with blue letters, KENTUCKY 78 is at the top and Motorcycle is on the bottom. These will look great on your 1978 Harley Davidson or any other vintage ride from this year. However before purchasing for year of manufacture registration, check first with the KY Department of Motor Vehicles to see if they allow the use of vintage license plates for YOM purposes and if so will these qualify. Adding a license plate of the same year as your antique motorcycle is usually the finishing touch of any restoration job and makes everything look more original. We have more than one 1978 Kentucky Motorcycle license plates available for sale, so the one in the picture might not be the one you will receive but all are in the same NOS Excellent Plus condition. We also have a lesser quality 78 KY bike tag, we have included an actual picture of it on the listings.

Some Motorcycle News for the 1978 Year of Manufacture:

Yamaha introduces the XS1100 which has 4 cylinders and shaft drive. They also start selling the XS650 Special, which is the first production cruiser built by a Japanese manufacturer. 1978 is the last year of production of the Honda CB 750. The Harley Davidson Sportster now has dual disc front brakes and cast aluminum wheels. All XL models have electronic ignition and a solid state voltage regulator. Kawasaki commences production of the Z1300, this 1300 CC liquid cooled, 4 stroke, DOHC in line 6 cylinder "Dreadnaught" was the largest Japanese manufactured motorcycle engine. It's release at the Cologne Motor Show marked the beginning of the Kawasaki Monster Legend. The 1978 CX 500 is Honda's 1st V twin street motorcycle in the United States.

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