1976 North Carolina Motorcycle License Plate

North Carolina

SKU: 1976 NC MC DMV Var

A 1976 North Carolina motorcycle license plate grading NOS Excellent for sale at Brandywine General Store. This 76 NC DMV bike tag would look great on your antique Harley Davidson, or classic Honda, BMW or Yamaha, but you will first need to check with the North Carolina DMV about their Year of Manufacture or YOM Laws. The color of this New Old Stock Tag is white with green letters and at the bottom is NC and 1976. We have more than one of these 1976 North Carolina motorcycle license plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store, so the one in the picture might not be the one you receive, but all will be the same unused excellent quality. These NC plates would also be great in a United States Bicentennial collection as they were produced during the 200th birthday celebration of the US.

Some motorcycle news for the year of manufacture of 1976 is as follows: Yamaha introduces the legendary XT500, this was the second year of production of the Honda Goldwing, which was the first Japanese bike to be mass produced and water cooled, Harley Davidson manufactured 75,403 motorcycles in the preceding year of 1975.

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