1976 Indiana Bicentennial License Plate


SKU: 1976 IN DMV Var

A 1976 Indiana Bicentennial Car License Plate, the IN DMV issued these automobile tags to celebrate the Nation's 200th birthday or bicentennial. They are an off white with blue and red letters, 1976 is printed in the top left corner, Indiana is printed across the top, Heritage State is printed along the bottom, a Minuteman graphic is printed in the middle and acts as a divider for the DMV registration number. There is a heavy reflective coating that has runs, probably why they were never used by the DMV and some yellowing has also occurred, still great for a collection or YOM if allowed by the state of Indiana, you would need to check on this. We have more than one 1976 Indiana bicentennial license plate available for sale at Brandywine General Store, but we have included either an actual picture or a generic picture of each condition class that is currently in our inventory.

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