1975 Virginia Truck License Plates


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A pair of NOS 1975 Virginia truck license plates, these unused '75 VA DMV truck tags are white with blue letters, Mar Virginia and 75 are all printed across the top. These plates might be suitable for year of manufacture registration on your classic '75 Ford F - 100, F-150, Chevy Scottsdale or any antique pickup from the model year of 1975. However before purchasing for YOM purposes you will first need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to see if this is allowed. We have more than one set of these 1975 Virginia trucks tags, in different prefixes and grades, we have included a representative picture of each that we currently have in stock at Brandywine General Store.

Some Pickup and Truck News from the 1975 Year of Manufacture:

Chevrolet drops the custom line and custom deluxe becomes the base model for their pickups. Silverado replaces Cheyenne Super as the top trim level. The Scottsdale line is added to the '75 lineup. Catalytic converters are made standard on all 1975 Chevy pickups and trucks under 6,001 GVW. The 400 small block engine is available now in Chevy trucks. The F-150 was added to the Ford pickup line with little fanfare, this model was to split the difference in payload capacity between the F-100 and F-250 pickups. Even though a non event in 1975 this ends up being a major story as the F-150 soon overtakes the F-100 and goes on to become the biggest selling vehicle in the United States. Volvo introduces the new F range truck, the heavier F-6 model featured a direct injection 6 litre Volvo engine. The F-6 played a major role in getting Volvo trucks established in the United States.

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