1973 West Virginia Truck License Plate DMV #B-7

West Virginia

SKU: 1973 WV Truck B 7

A rare 1973 West Virginia Truck License Plate with a single DMV Digit of B - 7. The WV DMV uses a statewide numbering system and not by the counties, thus there is only 1 of each of the low numbers for the entire state. Single digits are extremely scarce, the B is the prefix for Truck. The color of this rare WV tag is dark blue with gold letters, the state nickname Mountain State is printed across the top and West Virginia 1973 are both located at the bottom. Adding even more appeal to this rare plate is the condition, it will grade excellent minus on the front, which is also rare in WV plates. There is however a good bit of rust on the back, but this is not a bit evident from the front. If you have a classic 1973 Ford F-100, GMC, Chevrolet or any antique pickup from the model year of '73 you might be able to register this license plate to that truck. But before buying for year of manufacture purposes, you will first need to contact the WV DMV to see if this tag would qualify for YOM Registration. The picture shows the actual 1973 West Virginia Single Digit Truck License Plate that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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