1973 District of Columbia Inaugural License Plates

Washington DC

SKU: 1973 DC Inaugural #4606

Pairs and Single Tags of the 1973 Washington DC Inaugural license plates for the celebration of Richard Millhouse Nixon becoming president of his 2nd term of which he was elected in 1972. Residents of the District of Columbia can use these inaugural plates on their cars for a short period of time during the year of the presidential inaugurations. The color of this pair is red, white and blue, with District of Columbia at the top in red letters and at the bottom is Inauguration 1973, also in red letters. On the left is the American flag flying in front of the Capitol Building. The Department of Motor Vehicles Registration number will vary as we have more than one pair and single tags of the 1973 Nixon Inaugural car license plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store, but we have included a picture of each set of these collectible tags in our inventory.

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