1971 Virginia Truck License Plates


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A pair of 1971 Virginia truck license plates, would look great on your classic Ford F-100, GMC, Chevy or any other classic pickup from the model year of 71. However, before purchasing for year of manufacture purposes, please check with the VA department of motor vehicles to see if these tags will qualify for YOM registration. The color of these tags is the classic white and black coloring which was used by the commonwealth of Virginia for many years. The full state name and date, Virginia 1971 are both located at the top. Some of these plates were made with the standard steel that had been used for awhile, and some were made out of aluminum. We have more than one set of these classic 1971 Virginia truck license plates available for sale in steel and aluminum and in different grades, we have included a representative picture of each condition class that is currently in our stock at Brandywine General Store.

Some Pickup and Truck News from the 1971 Year of Manufacture:

The 1971 lineup of Ford pickups was little changed from the previous year, Ford instead focuses on the new sub compact Pinto and a redesigned Mustang. GM introduces the Sprint light pickups, these were based on the GM A car platform. Disc front brakes become standard on most light duty General Motors pickups. Dodge introduces its Lifestyle pickups which were designed to meet the needs of families wanting to tow trailers while going on vacation. These were a tougher truck but more comfortable on the inside. Dodge also starts manufacturing the B-series vans and redesigns the D Series trucks.

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