1971 Kansas License Plate


SKU: 1971 KS DMV Var-1

A 1971 Kansas Car License Plate in NOS Excellent Plus condition, these will look great on your 1971 Pontiac GTO, Trans am, Corvette, Ford Mustang or any other muscle car of this era.  If you wish to use these for year of manufacture registration on your antique car, you will first need to contact the Kansas DMV to see if they allow the use of old license plates for YOM purposes and if so will these qualify. The color of this car tag is red with white letters while at the top is printed Kansas. The Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles only issued single tags during the manufacturing year of 71. During 1971 the Kansas DMV went to a staggered registration system, so there are various month expirations at the bottoms of these plates. Our two examples that are very good minus and very good plus are the actual plates that we have in stock, these were replacement plates and were issued at the end of a month when the regular dated plate for that month ran out, that is why there are no dates on those tags. The rest of our pictures are representative of the condition class that we have in stock at Brandywine General Store.

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