1969 Virginia Motorcycle License Plate


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A classic 1969 Virginia motorcycle license plate, the color of this 69 VA DMV bike tag is white with black letters, Virginia 1969 are both located at the bottom. We have more than one antique 1969 Virginia Motorcycle license plates for sale at Brandywine General Store but we have included a picture of each bike tag we currently have in stock.

In motorcycle news for the year of manufacture of 1969

Harley Davidson was sold to AMR, American Machine and Foundry Co, this was a disaster in the making, as the quality of the Harley motorcycles plummets. Before long the Harley dealers were forced to rebuild motors under warranty and magazine reviews are brutally critical of the bikes, used Harleys are described as pre AMF in sales ads. Triumph started production of the Trident T150V during the year of 1969.

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