1969 - 70 Florida Motorcycle License Plate

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SKU: 1969-70 FL MC #3A3745

A classic 1969 - 70 Florida Motorcycle License Plate for sale by Brandywine General Store. The '69-70 FL DMV bike tag is green with white letters, the expiration dates are along the bottom. Florida does have a year of manufacture law, but if you want to purchase this tag for use on your classic motorcycle, please check with the FL Department of Motor Vehicles to see if this bike plate qualifies for their YOM usage. We have more than one vintage 1969 - 70 Florida motorcycle license plates plates available for sale, but we have included a picture of each one in our inventory.

Some motorcycle news in the 1969 - 1970 year of manufacture is as follows:

In 1970 Yamaha introduces their first 4 stroke motorcycle model, the SX-1 with a 650cc vertical twin. Honda unveils the CB750 at the Tokyo Motor Show in late 68 but it didn't hit the market until 1969, this was the first modern mass market four and the first mass market bike to come with a disc brake. The CB750 was made with a sand cast engine and not die cast until way up until 1970 and these are highly prized by collectors today. KTM begins producing their own engines, previously most of their dirt bikes had been equipped with Sachs motors, KTM also developed a new 250cc motocross bike. Harley Davidson sells out to AMR which was an ill advised move since the quality of the bikes suffered greatly under the ownership of American Machine and Foundry Company.

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