1967 Oklahoma License Plate

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SKU: 1967 OK Exc plus

A classic NOS 1967 Oklahoma passenger car license plate for sale at Brandywine General Store. The color of this '67 OK DMV automobile tag is white with red letters, the slogan Oklahoma is OK and the date 67 are all located at the top. Oklahoma does have a year of manufacture or YOM law according to my latest information, so you might be able to use these on your 1967 first model year Camaro or Mustang or any muscle car from the 67 model year. Please check with the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles before buying for YOM registration to make sure this tag would qualify for their YOM use.

Some automobile year of manufacture news for the model year 1967 is as follows:

The Chevrolet Camaro is introduced during 1967 which was available with a V6 V8 engine, RS or SS which came with 396 engine, and the z-28 with 302 engine. The Dodge Charger gets an all new 440 engine, the Ford Mustang gets a new major restyle and a new 390 cid V-8 motor, Pontiac also introduces the all new Firebird with the 400 cid motor as the top engine and the Grand Prix has a restyle with 400 and 428 V8 engines. This was the only year they produced convertibles. General Motors celebrates the production of their 100 millionth United States made cars on April 21, 1967.

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