1967 Oklahoma Farm License Plate



A NOS 1967 Oklahoma farm truck license plate for sale by Brandywine General Store. The color of this OK DMV agriculture tag is yellow with black letters, 1967 and Oklahoma are both at the top and at the bottom is farm truck. If you wish to use this tag as year of manufacture on your antique 1967 pickup, you will first need to contact the dmv to see if they allow the use of license plates for YOM. Some year of manufacture news for the year of 1967 is as follows: John Deere opens their first equipment sales branch in the city of Baltimore, the previous year of 1966 marked the first time that annual sales of John Deere surpassed 1 billion dollars. Massey Ferguson shows a sharp drop in profits during the year. A UAW strike at Ford Motor Company lasts over 6 weeks. On April 21, 1967 General Motors celebrates the production of its 100 millionth US made car. We have several '67 OK DMV Farm Tags available for sale at Brandywine General Store and in different conditions, we have included a picture of one of each grade currently in stock.

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