1966 Indiana License Plate

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A 1966 Indiana car license plate grading NOS Excellent, may be suitable for YOM registration on your classic '66 muscle car, but check with IN DMV before buying for year of manufacture purposes.The color of this passenger automobile tag is white with black lettering, at the top is 150th year, which was to celebrate the 150th year of statehood for the state of Indiana. At the bottom of this tag is the state abbreviation and date, IND 66. The IN Department of Motor Vehicles only produced 1 license plate for the back of the car during this year. We have more than one of these unused excellent 1966 Indiana license plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store, so the one in the picture might not be the one you will receive, but all are the same NOS excellent condition. All of the 1966 Indiana license plates we have in stock are from County 18.

Fun Car Facts for model year 1966

The year 1966 was in the middle of the muscle car period of the United States. The 396 cid V8 became standard on the Chevrolet Chevelle, the Impala also had a new 427 engine introduced in 1966. The Dodge Charger had an optional 426 Hemi available in its models this year. Also on the Ford showrooms, the Fairlane and the Galaxy 500 sported new 427 V8 engines, while in the 1966 Mustang the 289 replaced the 260 as the top engine available. At Oldsmobile the triple carb option is available on the 400 and at Pontiac the GTO became a separate model. Besides the Galaxy 500 and the popular Mustang, in 1966 Ford also produced the F-100 pickup, the Fairlane and the sporty Thunderbird. Chevrolet had a full line up during 66 which included the Bel Air, Biscayne, Caprice, Chevelle, Corvair, Malibu, Nova and of course the fast sporty Corvette. As you can tell from the above lists of automobiles produced in the year 1966 fuel and high gasoline prices were not a concern as it is today. The state of Indiana had approximately 1.9 million automobiles registered to drive on the state's highways during this year.

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