1965 Colorado Farm License Plates

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 1965 CO Farm Var DMV

A pair of 1965 Colorado Farm License Plates for sale at Brandywine General Store, which will come in their own envelope as issued by the CO DMV. The 65 CO DMV farm tags are white with dark green, the expiration date is at the top. These will make a great addition to someone's farm or tractor collection or maybe you could even use them on your antique tractor, but contact the Department of Motor Vehicles if you plan on running them on the road. We have more than one pair of these antique 1965 Farm License Plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store, so you might receive a different pair than in the picture, but all are the same NOS Near Mint quality with the original wrapper.

Farm Tractor News from the Year 1965
John Deere around the period of 1965 updated their entire tractor line with more power and features. The Model 1020 was at the bottom of the line and was rated at 32 HP, the 2020 had 44 HP, the 3020 had 55 HP, the 4020 had between 75 and 83 horsepower and the 5020 jumped all the way up to between 114 to 122 HP In all these model lines each tractor could be specialized to do work in practically any application. In the year 1964 John Deere overtook International Harvester and became the largest maker of farm and light duty equipment. In 1965 Ford consolidated all of its models and eliminated the practice of producing different designs for different markets. During this year Ford also upped the horsepower of its tractors: the 2000 models now had 27 HP on the drawbar, the 3000 had up to 35 HP, the 4000 had 40 HP, the 5000 models had around 50 HP and the 6,000 had 60 HP. IN 1965 Allis Chalmers offered factory air conditioning for the first time in their One-Ninety model. The One Ninety ST tractor this year was introduced with gasoline, diesel and LP engines. These models produced between 72 and 80 horsepower.

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