1964 Wisconsin License Plates


SKU: 1964 WI DMV L10727

An antique pair of 1964 Wisconsin Car License Plates grading very good. The color of these WI DMV Automobile Tags is white with blue letters, at the top is the old abbreviation of Wis and the month and year date stamped onto the plates which in this case is Jun 63. This pair has the addition of of the red 64 sticker thereby extending these one year. The one sticker is in excellent condition, however the one has been completely scratched off and the scratching extends over onto the license plate, other than that, this is a good looking pair of plates for the year. At the bottom is the state slogan America's Dairyland. The Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles Registration Number is L10 - 727. The picture shows the actual pair of 1964 Wisconsin License Plates that are for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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