1964 Virginia License Plates


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We have pairs and single tags of 1964 Virginia passenger car license plates for sale at Brandywine General Store. The 'classic 64 VA DMV automobile tags are black with white lettering and have VIRGINIA and the date 1964 at the top. These will look great on that 1964 Virginia classic automobile, but before buying for year of manufacture or YOM purposes please check first with the VA department of motor vehicles to make sure these passenger car tags qualify for YOM use. We have more than one set or single tag of 1964 Virginia License Plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store and also in different grades, we have include a representative picture of each condition class or the actual picture of each that we currently have in stock.

Some automobile news for the 1964 model Year of Manufacture is as follows:

The Ford Mustang is introduced and achieves sales of more than 500,000 cars during its first 18 months of production. Chevrolet has a new redesigned Chevelle which comes with a 327 V8 engine as an option, the Impala becomes its own model, the Pontiac GTO is introduced and comes with an available 389 V8 engine. The 1964 Chevrolet Malibu was introduced the late in the year before.

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