1964 Indiana License Plate Tippecanoe County 79


SKU: Excellent Minus

A NOS 1964 Indiana Passenger Car License Plate from Tippecanoe County, the IN DMV only issued a single tag for use on the back of the motorist's vehicles during model year of '64. The color of this passenger automobile tag is dark red with white lettering, the state name, Indiana is at the top and at the bottom is the date 1964. If you want to buy these to put on your 1964 antique automobile, such as the Ford Galaxy 500, Chevy Impala or any other classic '64 car, please check with the Indiana DMV about the YOM laws of Indiana before purchasing. We have purchased a vintage box of license plates from Tippecanoe that are available in several different condition grades, we have included a generic picture of each grade that we currently have for sale.

Tippecanoe County is located in the northwest section of the state of Indiana, the last population count was 173,000. The county seat is Lafayette. The county was formed on March 01, 1826 the name coming from the Miami tribe which roughly means Place of the Succor of the Fish People. Tippecanoe county is best known for Purdue University and the 1811 Battle of Tippecanoe. The county code is 79.

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