1961 WV License Plate with DAV tag and Wrapper

West Virginia

SKU: 1961 WV #43-621

A 1961 West Virginia Passenger Automobile Aluminum License Plate which includes the matching DAV tag and the wrapper. The condition of this car license plate is excellent, which in itself is remarkable, because it is hard to find WV license plates in this great condition. With the addition of the matching DAV tag with the same registration number of 43 - 621 and the wrapper, this is an excellent find for a finishing touch for a restored 1961 Ford Thunderbird or Starliner, Chevy Corvette or Impala or the Chrysler Imperial. This license plate package would even be good enough for the finishing touch for a Rolls Royce Silver Dawn, Mercedes Benz, Porsche or any classic car from the model year of '61. There just aren't that many complete sets of a 1961 license plate, DAV tag and wrapper left anymore in the state of West Virginia. The picture shows the actual 1961 plate package that is for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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