1961 Maryland License Plates


SKU: 1961 MD DMV ED2341

A pair of 1961 Maryland car license plates grading very good plus, if purchasing these auto tags for YOM purposes, contact the Maryland DMV to see if they will allow these plates for Year of Manufacture registration.. These plates are an odd color in the realm of license plates being a light bluish green color with black lettering. At the top is the full state name, Maryland while at the bottom is Exp 3 - 31 - 61. About the only wear showing on these tags are washer marks around the bolt holes and some rust at the very edges, the rest of the paint is almost like new. The department of motor vehicles registration number is ED - 23 - 41. The picture shows the actual pair of 1961 Maryland car license plates that are for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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