1955 Michigan Farm License Plate

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A NOS 1955 Michigan farm license plate which comes in its original wrapper, which told the car owners of Michigan to Drive Safely and Keep your license. These are available in different grades, you can pick which you wish to purchase with the condition button above. The color of this antique farm tag is dark green with white letters at the top is the date 1955 and Mich Farm, while at the bottom is the slogan Water Wonderland. The Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles only manufactured single tags during the model year of 1955. These would be excellent to use on your vintage tractor or pickup, but check with the DMV before purchasing to put on any vehicle that will be driven on the road. We have more than one of these antique 1955 Michigan Farm license plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store,so you might receive a different DMV Number than in the picture.

Tractor and Farm News from the Year of Manufacture of 1955

In 1953 Ford celebrated its 50th anniversary and produced a completely new tractor model, the NAA Jubilee, which had 26 horsepower and was only produced thru 1955. In 1955 and 1956 Ford then brought out the Hundred Series, the 600 and 700 both had around 30 HP on the drawbar while the 600 was set up as a utility or plowing tractor, the 700 had a higher ground clearance and was mainly used for row crops. The 800 and 900 models both had around 40 HP, with the 900 being utililized as the row crop tractor. In 1955 John Deere introduced the 80 model which had a whopping 62 horsepower making it the first 5 plow tractor made by John Deere. The Johnny Poppers were powerful two cylinder tractors made by John Deere, these were still selling in 1955 but in 3 more years were made obsolete. Allis Chalmers had introduced the WD45 the year before in 1954, this tractor had up to 39 horse power on the drawbar, which took this company into the 4 plow class of tractors. This tractor was also the first Allis Chalmers model to offer a diesel engine and power steering.

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