1954 Florida License Plate

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 1954 FL DMV Var

An antique 1954 Florida Car License Plate grading very good plus for sale by Brandywine General Store. This 54 FL DMV auto tag might be suitable for YOM Registration on your antique auto, but contact DMV before buying for year of manufacture purposes. These car tags are all from an original box from the DMV, the only fault being some light surface rust, some of which might be able to be polished out with a little patience and time. The FL DMV only issued single tags during this production year. The color is dark blue with gold letters, Florida is printed across the top in big letters while at the bottom is the state slogan Sunshine State and the date 1954. These will look great on your antique 1954 Ford Crestline, Pontiac Bonneville, Chevrolet Delray or any other classic ride from the model year 1954. We have more than one of these 1954 Florida License Plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store, so the one in the picture might not be the one you receive, but all are the same New Old Stock Very Good Plus or better condition.

Some Fun Car Facts from 1954 - This was the first full production year for the Chevrolet Corvette with 3,460 being manufactured, the previous year in 1953 a limited run of around 300 Corvettes were produced, this number was low because of the late introduction of America's New Sports Car. This was the first sports car ever produced by General Motors. The base price of the 1954 Corvette was 2,774.00, what an investment that would be if you purchased one in 54 and held on to it all these years. The Chrysler Crown Imperial was also manufactured during 1954, the distinction of this car is it was the widest car ever produced in the United States. So there are plenty of great cars manufactured during 1954 for you to show off your classic license plate.

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