1948 Maine License Plate


SKU: 1948 ME DMV 55-114

An antique 1948 Maine brass Car License Plate for sale at Brandywine General Store, this '48 ME DMV Auto Tag is black with orange letters, Maine 1948 is at the top, Vacation Land at the bottom. This is a rare plate in the world of license plate collecting due to it being made of brass. Only a couple states have ever experimented with using brass instead of steel or aluminum and even those states only used the brass for a year or two. It seems the metal shortage of World War II hit Maine harder than the other states, hence the use of brass for this tag and the previous year no new license plates were issued at all. The Maine Department of Motor Vehicles also only issued a single tag for the state's motorists to use on the back of their vehicles during the model year of 1948. The DMV Registration number is 55 - 114 with the condition being excellent minus, also rare with this plate because the paint came off easily. However there is a small hole in the top between Maine and the date. The picture shows the actual 1948 Maine Car license plate that is available for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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