1947 Mercury Eight Four Door Car Print

Brandywine General Store


A Museum Quality Print of a Blue 1947 Four Door Ford Mercury Eight for sale by Brandywine General Store. Our premium archival artwork shows a happy couple that have just been on a picnic in their shiny new blue car. This print shows the entire advertisement as it appeared in the magazines of the time with the addition of an attractive triple blue and white margin. This ad states in part - More Fun Ahead in the car that gives you more of everything you want. Whether its a picnic, taking the children to school, shopping or driving home from the office, the hours spent in your Mercury are hours of solid motoring enjoyment. Mercury is big all the way through, more storage space whenever you need it, more relax and stretch out comfort. Six people ride easily in its broad deep easy chair seats. Mercury is handsome with a sleek modern look outside that's matched by an equally attractive interior. White sidewall tires were also available at an extra cost whenever available. Picture #05

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