1947 Ford Mercury Eight Car Art Print

Brandywine General Store


A Museum Quality Advertising Print of a 1947 Ford Mercury showing a bright shiny red car with a woman and girl setting inside while another woman is outside getting directions from a man who is smoking a pipe. A premium archival auto artwork by Brandywine General Store. This was a fall advertisement as the woman and man are leaning across a rail fence with some fall foliage in the corner. The print has a triple red, green and white border around the ad, which really helps with the overall appeal of the print. The ad states in part "And what spirit! Mercury is alive with power, eager to go wherever you wish. You drive without effort, its so easy to handle, holds the road so beautifully, you just want to keep on driving. Moreover, Mercury gives you more pleasure per dollar, lower cost mileage and more economy of operation in every respect. Mercury has a perfection and reliability born of decades of automobile designing and engineering. See it, compare it, drive it. You'll agree, in style comfort, economy and thorough satisfaction. Mercury gives you more of everything you want." It is also stated that Mercury was a division of Ford Motor Company and white sidewall tires were available at an extra cost where available. Picture #02

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