1945 Ohio License Plates



A 1945 Ohio Passenger Automobile License Plate, the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles issued single due to World War II. These 1945 OH Car Tags are white with black letters, Ohio - 1945 is printed along the bottom. All of our current inventory are "shortie" tags which are highly collectible as well as being from World War II, when license plates were scarce due to the metal shortages brought on by the massive war effort. Before 1958 when the Federal Government mandated all license plates be the same size, when a state made a plate with only a few numbers or letters, they didn't waste metal on empty spacing, the DMV would just make a short tag that was only big enough to hold what was needed. We have included pictures of each of the antique 1945 Ohio Passenger Car License Plates that we have for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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