1945 Indiana Trailer License Plate



An antique 1945 Indiana Trailer license plate which is in New Old Stock very good plus condition. Even though unused, this World War II Tag does have some slight surface rust, however some of this you should be able to polish out to make them much nicer looking tags. The color is brown and with white letters, Indiana is at the top while 45 is at the bottom. The wrapper said to make sure the DMV numbers on the plate are the same as what is on your registration card and the number on the wrapper. Printed in red is trailer and the department of motor vehicle number. These trailer tags also make good World War II Collectibles as they were issued during the last year of the war. We have more than one 1945 Indiana trailer license plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store but we have included a picture of each tag we currently have in stock.

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