1939 Oregon Farm License Plates


SKU: 1939 OR DMV F8223

Vintage 1939 Oregon Farm Truck License Plates with the OR DMV Registration Number F8-223, one license plate may have been used very briefly there are some small marks that are barley visible around the bolt holes and the other license plate has never been used, NOS, they will grade excellent minus. These 39 OR Farm Tags are yellow with black letters, Oregon- 1939 is printed along the bottom, there is an F before the DMV registration number. If you wish to use these tags for Year of Manufacture on your classic 1939 Farm Truck you will need to contact the Oregon DMV to see if they allow the use of license plates for YOM registration. The picture shows the actual 1939 Oregon Farm Truck License Plates that are for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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