1934 South Carolina License Plates

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SKU: 1934 SC DMV H45

A rare early pair of 1934 South Carolina auto license plates for sale by Brandywine General Store.. If you wish to use these for YOM registration on your antique 1934 model car, you will first need to contact the SC Department of Motor Vehicles to see if they allow the use of license plates for YOM purposes and if so, will this set of plates qualify. This set of SC DMV Tags will grade very good, at some point in time, someone put a thin coating of something on these tags, however, I don't believe it hurt them any, if anything probably helped preserve them. In addition to being a complete early pair of SC tags, these also have the added benefit of having a low DMV registration number of H - 45. The color is black with yellow letters, at the bottom is SC and Expires Oct 31 - 34. The picture shows the actual pair of antique 1934 South Carolina license plates that are for sale.

Fun Car Facts from Model Year 1934

Total car production in the United States rose to 2,270,566, while truck production rose to 599,397. The 1st parking ramp was opened in Boston, MA, the 1st diesel bus was produced, The American Federation of Labor charters the United Auto Workers UAW. Gangster John Dillinger steals his first Ford with a V8 engine, the American Gangsters of the era, such as Dillinger and Clyde Barrow had high praise for the Ford V8s. In 1934 the average cost of a new automobile was 630.00, running these cars was also cheap as the average cost of a gallon of gasoline was only 19 cents. GM makes their first cars with front independent suspension, Fords receive a modest face lift while their V8 motors gain another 10 horsepower. Pontiac vehicles also get a boost in horsepower in 1934 and their trunk back sedans are introduced. All Lincolns came standard with a new 414 cid V12 engine with a high 6:3:1 compression ratio. Franklin and American Austin make their last cars in 1934 due to low sales and Pierce Arrow is forced into bankruptcy.

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