1930 Idaho Truck License Plates

Brandywine General Store

SKU: T-15122

A pair of 1930 Idaho truck license plates that are in unused Very Good Plus condition for sale by Brandywine General Store. These 30 ID DMV truck tags may be suitable for YOM registration but contact the DMV first to see if the state of ID allows year of manufacture registration on your antique pickup and if so will these tags qualify.  The color of these antique ID truck tags is dark yellow with black letters, at the bottom is the state name and date of Idaho 1930. This set of antique plates even come in their own original wrapper as issued by Fred E. Lukens who was the Commissioner of Law Enforcement of Boise, Idaho. About the only fault with these plates is the paper between them had gotten somewhat stuck over the years and left a residue. The department of motor vehicles registration number is T-15122. These will look great on your 1930 Ford Model A Truck, Studebaker, Dodge or any antique pickup or truck from the model year of 1930, if allowed, these will also look great in any Idaho license plate collection. The picture shows the actual pair of antique 1930 Idaho pickup license plates that are for sale at Brandywine General Store.

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