1928 Chevrolet Advertisement Car Print

Brandywine General Store


A Museum Quality Print of Black economical 1928 Chevrolet Touring Car from a vintage advertisement for sale by Brandywine General Store. Our premium archival artwork of this antique ad proudly proclaims that Chevrolet was the 1st choice of the Nation for 1928. Acclaimed everywhere as the world's most luxurious low priced car, the bigger and better Chevrolet has enjoyed such preference on the part of the motor car buyers that today it stands first choice of the Nation for 1928 with over 750,000 new Chevrolets delivered to owners since January 1st. At the bottom of the ad are the different models and the cost for the year of manufacture in 1928: Touring Car or Roadster - 495.00, The Coach - 585.00, The Coupe - 595.00, The 4 door Sedan - 675.00, the Convertible Sport Cabriolet 695.00, the Imperial Landau - 715.00 with all prices fob Flint, Michigan. Picture #09

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