1926 West Virginia License Plates

West Virginia

SKU: 1926 WV DMV 77-697

A pair of 1926 West Virginia Car License Plates, would look great on an antique '29 model Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson but check with WV DMV before purchasing for year of manufacture registration to see if they allow the use for YOM purposes and if so will these plates qualify. The color of these antique passenger automobile tags is black with green letters, the full state name and date are both located at the top. These car tags will grade a full very good if not better, but there are 2 extra holes in 1 plate only, plus one has a bend at the top, which can be straightened out a lot. The department of motor vehicles registration number is 77-697. Early West Virginia pairs in this condition are getting hard to find today. The picture shows the actual pair of 1926 West Virginia car tags that are for sale at Brandywine General Store.

Some Fun Car Facts from Model year 1926

Daimler, Maybach and Benz merge their car manufacturing companies into Daimler Benz which later becomes Mercedes Benz. GM renames the Oakland car to Pontiac. The USA produces over 4 million cars, most on credit, making the car industry the largest business in America. This also triggers booms in the oil, steel, glass and rubber industries. Maserati, an Italian race car manufacturer, is founded. Hudson's plant surpasses Ford's in efficiency, slashing the time it takes to produce 1 car down to 90 minutes. GM introduces the mechanical fuel pump.


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