1918 New York License Plates

New York

SKU: 1918 NY DMV A90

A pair of early New York car license plates being maroon and white in color, the DMV passenger auto tags are 16" long and made of heavy metal with NY and the date both located at the top. We have a couple different great examples of these early NY plates, each have their own pictures to help you choose which to purchase. It is getting harder to find these early pairs as most have been separated over the last century. If wanting to purchase these for year of manufacture registration on your 1918 Ford Model T, Chrysler, Cadillac or any car from the year 1918, you will first need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in Albany to see if they allow the use of license plates for YOM purposes and if they do, will these plates qualify. One pair has a low DMV registration number of A90. Even though these tags have this low number, they are still the full length in size. These tags are in very good condition, unfortunately though there are 4 extra holes in the one plate, the 2nd plate to this pair has no extra holes. The 2nd pair will grade very good with a DMV registration number of 515-956, New York was already getting in to the higher numbers of registrations, even at this early date. Each picture shows the actual set of antique 1918 NY car tags that are for sale at Brandywine General Store.

Some automobile news for the 1918 Model year of manufacture is as follows: The first 3 color traffic signal light was installed in Detroit Michigan, This was the 2nd year of Ford Trucks, these trucks were powered by a Model T engine. Car registrations in the United States exceed 5 million for the first time, United Motors Corporation is acquired by General Motors.

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