1912 Ford Model T Ad Car Print

Brandywine General Store


8A Museum Quality Print of a comical advertisement from the Ford Motor Company advertising their versatile Model T during the 1912 year of manufacture, for sale by Brandywine General Store. Our premium archival artwork shows a Model T pickup in the foreground that has run a competitor's truck right off the road, even though it was a pretty bright red color, and our Ford delivery van is still chugging right along. There are Model T cars, trucks and buses everywhere in this town, signifying how much a part of everyday life the Ford had become. In the center of town the blacksmith shop was for sale as the new automobiles by Henry Ford was putting the farrier out of business. The top of the ad states that Ford is a general utility car and at the bottom is Ford the Universal Car and reliable selling agents everywhere. This print has the ubiquitous Model T color of black for a border. Picture #08

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