1900 Baltimore Document Proposals for Studebaker Wagons

Brandywine General Store

SKU: Baltimore Document #20

A 1900 historical Baltimore document for a proposal to manufacture 20 Studebaker or Milburn wagons for the City's Electrical Commission for sale by Brandywine General Store. This interesting historical proposal calls for wagon builders to put in their bids for these 20 wagons made to the specifications that are in this proposal. The wagons were to be Contractors Dump Wagons and the tongues, bolsters, hounds and reach were to be made of white oak. Body was to be constructed of yellow pine or some equally strong and durable material, wheels were to have birch hubs, white oak spokes and rims, with tires of steel. The whiffletrees were to be made of 2nd growth hickory and the bed was to be 10 feet long, 3 1/2 feet wide with a depth of 1 foot. The bodies were to painted with at least 2 coats of priming with the base of the paint to be white lead. Each wagon was to be lettered on each side "Electrical Commission" and numbered consecutively from 1 to 20. There are also a lot more stipulations of how these wagons had to be built. It appears as if Rawlings Implement Co was the winner of this bid for their studebaker type of wagon as their proposal is in with the document. The price was 115.00 for a 40 cubic foot wagon and 130.00 for 54 cubic foot wagon. They guaranteed to be able to begin deliveries within 75 days from the date of the award of the contract. There are 5 pages to this document along with 2 letterheads from the Baltimore Hub Factory and one from Rawlings Implement Co and pictures of 2 types of wagons. A great historical document of the early electrical department of the city of Baltimore.

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