1900 Baltimore Historical Deed for sale of Large Parcel of Land

Brandywine General Store

SKU: Baltimore Document #32

A 1900 Baltimore Historical Land Deed with Internal Revenue Stamps for sale by Brandywine General Store. There are 9 one dollar Internal Revenue Stamps along with 1 fifty cent stamp on this document. This antique paper is between the Small Family and George F. Miller all of York, PA, but the land was in Baltimore County. This was a large parcel of land consisting of around 612 acres that Mr. Miller bought from the Smalls for 9,030.00, there are 3 pages of metes and bounds recorded, the entire deed consists of 8 pages plus the cover page with the courthouse information. It would be interesting to know where this large tract of land is in Baltimore and what it is worth today. Many multiples of the 9,030.00 paid back in 1900.

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