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Shipping of License Plates

Hi Everyone, We would like to comment about the shipping on our license plates and other products that apply. We have had a few inquiries about why we won't ship our license plates by first class mail. The reason is to many plates got damaged in the mail with the first class rate. Priority mail uses a box which is much greater protection than first class and the number of damaged plates with priority mail has went almost to zero. A lot of our license plates are of better quality which are sometimes used for year of manufacture registration and are hard to replace, so naturally if a customer receives them damaged, they aren't very happy. And honestly, the first class rate isn't all that much cheaper, in some parts of the country the rate for priority is about the same. So that is the reason we will not ship any of our license plates by first class mail. We want our customers to be happy with their purchase. Thanks for understanding. Mark
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