Yellow Shank art Print by John James Audubon

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An archival premium Quality art Print of the Yellow Shank by John James Audubon for sale by Brandywine General Store. In this painting, Audubon shows a single male specimen of the Yellow Shank in its summer plumage, the location is a few miles distant from Charleston South Carolina, on a small body of water where the artist and friend spent many hours relaxing after a day of traipsing thru the surrounding woods. This bird was picture or plate number 288 in the 1st Havell edition of the great ornithology masterpiece by Audubon, The Birds of America and was engraved, printed and colored by R. Havell in 1836. Totanus Flavipes - Mr. Audubon describes the Yellow Shank thus "The Yellowshank is much more abundant in the interior, or to the westward of the Allegheny Mountains than along our Atlantic coast, although it is also met with in the whole extent of the latter, from Florida to Maine. It exceeds the Tell-tale Godwit in numbers on the shores of the Ohio, as well as on the margins of the numerous ponds and lakes in the vicinity of the Mississippi, from the mouth of the river just mentioned to New Orleans, and beyond that city southward. In early autumn, when the sand-bars of the Ohio are left uncovered, these active birds are seen upon them in small flocks, formed each apparently of a single family, busily employed in searching for food, and wading in the water up to the feathered part of their legs. When the water is high, they resort to ponds and damp meadows intersected by small rivulets. In the Carolinas and the Floridas they are pretty numerous, in the former betaking themselves to the rice-fields, and in the latter to the wet savannahs. ...." Audubon Bird print #288


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