Wood Wren by John James Audubon art print

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An archival premium Quality art Print of the Wood Wren by John James Audubon for sale by Brandywine General Store. This bird painting shows a lone male specimen setting in an area which looks like it is in a wetland. There is a creeping vine with red berries that is more commonly known as the bear berry. There are many other types of fauna in this print also including mosses, grasses and a couple other taller plants. one which has blue berries on the top. The small brown wren is setting on a rock getting ready to eat some seeds from the various plants that are surrounding him. The Wood Wren was plate or picture number 179 in the first edition of the Havell edition of Birds of America. Mr Audubon describes the Wood Wren in Birds of America as follows. I feel much pleasure in introducing this new species to you, a family of which were shot by my sons in a deep wood, eight or ten miles from Eastport in Maine, in the summer of 1832. The young were following their parents through the dark and tangled recesses of their favourite places of abode busily engaged in search of their insect prey; but their nest was not seen. Some weeks afterwards three adult birds of the same kind were shot near Dennisville in the same district; and, on shewing them to my young and intelligent friend THOMAS LINCOLN, Esq. he told me that they bred in hollow logs in the woods, and seldom if ever approached the farms. He had seen the eggs, but, considering it a common species there, had made no notes of their number or colour; nor had he attended to the form or materials of their nest. My drawing was made at that place. In winter, while at Charleston, South Carolina, I saw many of them: they had much the same habits as in Maine, remaining in thick hedges along ditches, in the woods, and also not far distant from plantations. I procured several through the assistance of my friend JOHN BACHMAN, which now form part of my large collection of skins of our birds. The notes of this species differ considerably from those of the House Wren, to which it is nearly allied. I hope to be more familiar with the Wood Wren before any labours are completed, in which case I shall not fail to make you acquainted with the result of my observations. An egg of this bird, procured in the State of Vermont, and presented to me by Dr. T. M. BREWER of Boston, differs from those of all our other Wrens: it measures six-eighths of an inch in length, four and a half eighths in breadth; its ground-colour is dull yellowish-white, blotched all over with rather large markings of pale purplish-red, and zigzag streaks of deep blackish-brown, more numerous around the middle than at either end. Troglodytes Americana. Audubon Birds art print #179


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