Ward James - Dr. Syntax A Bay Racehorse Standing in a Coastal Landscape

Brandywine General Store

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An archival premium Quality art Print of Dr. Syntax A Bay Racehorse Standing in a Coastal Landscape painted by artist James Ward in 1820 for sale by Brandywine General Store. Doctor Syntax lived from 1811 to August 28, 1838 in the north of England. This British thoroughbred racehorse and sire trained in Yorkshire and raced exclusively in northern England, because in these days before rail travel, horses pretty much had to race where they lived. This horse won at least 36 races in ten seasons from 1814 through 1823. He won the Preston Gold Cup on a record seven occasions, as well as five Lancaster Gold Cups and five Richmond Gold Cups. He was retired to stud in 1824 and proved a successful sire of winners, despite limited opportunities. Dr. Syntax was a bay or brown horse standing 15 hands high and was bred by William Knapton at Huntington in Yorkshire and was owned during his racing career by Ralph Riddell of Felton Park in Northumberland. He was not a physically impressive animal, but had an alert, intelligent expression or was described as being bright as a hawk. Probably because of this intelligence, He had to be coaxed by the jockeys into giving his all during the race, because he did respond to the whip or spur. Country Decor art print #35

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