Vermeer, Jan Van Delft - The Glass of Wine Art Print

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 29 old masters

An archival premium Quality Art Print of The Glass of Wine painted by Jan Van Delft Vermeer in 1661 for sale by Brandywine General Store. The original oil on canvas of this artwork is now at the Staatliche Museum and measures 26.7 by 31.3 inches in size. Vermeer was around 27 years old when he painted this picture and most critics consider this as his first fully mature work of art. The clothes of the man and woman, the patterned tablecloth, the gilded picture frame hanging on the back wall and the coat of arms in the stained glass window all signify a wealthy setting. The woman has just drained the glass of wine and the man seems impatient to pour her another glass almost as if he is trying his best to get her drunk. Old Masters art print #29

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