Van Gogh Vincent - First Steps After Millet

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A premium Quality art Print of First Steps after Millet by Vincent Van Gogh for sale by Brandywine General Store . The artist completed this oil on canvas in 1890 with the original size being 28 by 36 inches. In the fall and winter of 1889 - 1890 Van Gogh painted 21 artworks after Millet, an artist he greatly admired. For this work in January of 1890 he squared up a black and white photograph of the original First Steps by MIllet and then painted his canvas adding his touches and color. Vincent went to painting after other artists because he was running out of compositions of his own while he was in St. Remy. Even though these works are copies, they are still considered Van Goghs as he made each one distinct with his own techniques and colors. The scene shows a man out working in the vegetable garden, he has his digging tools laying around and a wheelbarrow of dirt or compost ready to incorporate into the garden soil. His young child must just be starting to walk because the mother has just brought her out so she can take her first steps towards her father. The house with a thatched roof is in the background along with green trees and other plants. It must be wash day because the clothes are hanging outside on the line to dry. Famous Artists art print #112

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