Van Gogh Vincent - Bedroom in Arles Art Print

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An archival premium Quality Art  print of Bedroom in Arles painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1889 for sale by Brandywine General Store. Van Gogh painted three pictures with this same title, each of the three is easily discernible by the pictures hanging on the wall above the bed. This is Van Gogh's bedroom in what was known as the Yellow House in Arles, France. The original size of this artwork was 22 by 29 inches and now hangs at the Musee d'Orsay. In the late 1880s, Van Gogh decided to redo some of his best compositions in a smaller size for his mother and sister, Wil. The Bedroom was among the subjects he chose to redraw. This reproduction print is the 3rd version of The Bedroom and was painted for his sister Wil. This painting was in her possession for several years when it was acquired by Prince Matsukata and then entered the French National Collection in 1959 following the French Japanese Peace Settlement and is now on permanent display at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris France. The bedroom was furnished with simple pine furniture with what looks like old homemade mustard paint, a pitcher and bowl, along with water pitcher and toilet set, which all set on a washstand with a mirror hanging over the table. Two simple chairs finish out the artists meager belongings in his bedroom. The walls are adorned with his own paintings. The walls seem skewed at odd angles, but the bedroom in fact was trapezoidal in shape and not a square room. This was one of Van Gogh's favorites of his paintings, he wrote to his brother, Theo at least 13 letters that mentioned this painting. He wrote one time "I hope the painting will rest the brain, or rather the imagination". Famous artists print #39

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