Townsend's Warbler by Audubon Art Print

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SKU: 393 audubon

An archival premium Quality Art Print of Townsend's Warbler by Audubon for sale by Brandywine General Store. Three species of birds are present in this print as originally drawn by John James Audubon for his ornithology book, The Birds of North America. These birds were picture number 393 in the Havell first edition of the book. This painting shows the Townsend Warbler also known as the Wood Warbler, Arctic Bluebird and the Western Bluebird. These three specimens are shown on the branch of a Carolina allspice tree, which has large fragrant purple flowers and found throughout the southern states, growing on the margins of swamps and rivulets. The Arctic Bluebird is also known as the Mountain bluebird and is the state bird of Idaho and Nevada. Audubon shows a male and female pair of both species of the bluebirds, while only a single specimen is shown of the Townsend wood warbler. Audubon Birds art print #393

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