Steen, Jan - Moses Striking the Rock Art Print

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SKU: 26 religious

An archival premium Quality Religious Art Print of Moses Striking the Rock by Jan Steen for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist finished this oil on canvas in 1601 with the original size being 37 by 39 inches in size and now resides at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This is one of Steen's rare Biblical scenes. He shows the prophet Moses during the Israelite's wanderings through the desert. The people are complaining about the lack of water and of being thirsty. Moses miraculously produces water from a stone, following God's command. However, Moses strikes the rock twice instead of once, betraying his doubts. He is punished by God by denying him entry in to the Promised Land. In this painting, Steen has utilized his skills at depicting a rich variety of characters, from the elegantly attired woman on the right to the humble couple at the left letting their child drink first, to enliven the moral message of this Old Testament event. Religious art print #26

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