Sowerby James - Crimson Sided Snake art print

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An archival premium Quality art Print of Crimson Sided Snake by James Sowerby for sale by Brandywine General Store. A hand colored engraving that was painted by Sowerby for George Shaws to use in his book, Zoology of New Holland, being in the first volume. This was the first book ever written that was devoted solely to the fauna of Australia, it also describes two new species of which this snake was one. Neither Shaws nor Sowerby ever visited Australia, so they worked from pickled specimens and dried skins. Given this situation in which they did not actually have live specimens to draw from, their works are surprisingly accurate. The Crimson sided snake is now better known as the Red Bellied Snake or Pseudechis Porphyriacus. This is the most well known snake in Australia as it is common in the urban areas of the eastern coast, so it is seen and known by a large part of the country's inhabitants. Its venom is poisonous but its bite is rarely ever fatal, usually just causing significant morbidity. Country Decor art print #148

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