South Dakota Free Lands art print of 1890 poster

Brandywine General Store


A premium quality art print of South Dakota - Free Lands 1890 broadside poster for sale by Brandywine General Store. Our archival artwork shows an allegorical woman with a South Dakota head band holding a banner in her left hand with the major public institutions in the state, in her right hand is a paper stating Free Homes. An open ledger book tells of the record of progress for the state such as the population had grown from 2,402 in 1861 to 389,135 in 1890. The assessed value of the state was 973 million, many more progress notes are listed on the ledger pages. At the bottom is a graph with Free Homes, Government lands and cheap deeded lands in South Dakota and then tells of more benefits to moving to the state. A great wall hanging picture for any resident or business of the great state of South Dakota. Picture #175

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