Ruffed Grouse by John James Audubon art print

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A museum quality print of the Ruffed Grouse by John James Audubon for his epic ornithology book The Birds of North America for sale by Brandywine General Store.,This book of prints of birds according to most is the best tome on ornithology ever produced. This game bird was picture or plate number 41 in the first Havell edition of this book. The ruffed grouse is also known as the pheasant or partridge and it is the state bird of Pennsylvania. Tetrao Umbellus - Audubon says of the ruffed grouse "You are now presented, kind reader, with a species of Grouse, which, in my humble opinion, far surpasses as an article of food every other land-bird which we have in the United States, except the Wild Turkey, when in good condition. You must not be surprised that I thus express an opinion contradictory to that of our Eastern epicures, who greatly prefer the flesh of the Pinnated Grouse to that of the present species, for I have had abundant opportunity of knowing both. Perhaps, after all, the preference may depend upon a peculiarity in my own taste; or I may give the superiority to the Ruffed Grouse, because it is as rarely met with in the Southern States, where I have chiefly resided, as the Pinnated Grouse is in the Middle Districts; and were the bon-vivants of our eastern cities to be occasionally satiated with the latter birds, as I have been, they might possibly think their flesh as dry and flavourless as I do.The names of Pheasant and Partridge have been given to the present species by our forefathers, in the different districts where it is found. To the west of the Alleghanies, and on those mountains, the first name is generally used. The same appellation is employed in the Middle Districts, to the east of the mountains, and until you enter the State of Connecticut; after which that of Partridge prevails." Audubon Birds art print #41

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