Rousseau, Henri - The Hungry Lion Throws Itself on the Antelope

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An archival premium Quality art Print of The Hungry Lion Throws Itself on the Antelope by Henri Rousseau for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist finished this huge canvas in the year 1905 which measures 79 by 119 inches and now resides at the Foundation Beyeler at Riehen, Switzerland near Basel. The hungry Lion is set in a jungle scene of thick, green foliage, lit by a deep red setting sun which is in the center of the composition. In the foreground a lion bites deeply into the neck of an antelope, with blood running all around. A panther watches, just waiting until he too can get his turn at the bountiful feast. Birds of Prey have already had their talons and beaks into the flesh of this large animal. Rousseau based this scene on a diorama of stuffed animals at the Paris National History Museum which was entitled Senegal Lion Devouring an Antelope. Famous artists #167

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